Homebrewer, traveler, purveyor of fine red heads

I’m Erik Howell. I’m into hiking, beer, hiking with beer, and beer. I’m also a pickle making machine. Many of you know that I am also a spinster of exceptionally long mediocre stories that don’t always end in closure. Either way… If you’ve clicked this icon, you likely need to go hiking with me sometime, or drink a beer with me 🙂 I enjoy all things fermented, silk screened prints, hipster coffee, and my co-pilot Mr. Pedro Sanchez.

When I first met Jenn, she was just a small town girl. She just so happened to be living in a lonely world, and dag nabbit she took the midnight train to my heart. That is EXACTLY how it happened. Actually to be truthful, I met Jenn at a good friend’s wedding and seduced her with my homebrew witchcraft. She has since outperformed me in competition homebrewing, and has made my life exponentially more interesting than I ever could have imagined.